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Mammis Apartments – How to get to Nisyros

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Nisyros is located to the south of Kos and the north-west of Rhodes. It is part of the Dodecanese region, which is in the south-east of Greece. You can fly either to Kos or Rhodes and take from there a boat to Nisyros.

There is daily connection between Kos and Nisyros the whole year round. The local ferry “Panagia Spiliani” leaves every morning from Nisyros either to Kos town or to Kardamena -a small harbor at the north-east of the island, located 10 minutes away from the airport of Kos island- and returns to Nisyros around midday. The sailing time from Kardamena to Nisyros is one hour and from Kos town to Nisyros two hours.

From Rhodes to Nisyros there are not that frequent connections but there is a connection usually four times per week. The fast boat/catamaran “Dodekanisos express” runs twice a week connecting Rhodes with several small islands of the area, among them Nisyros as well. You can check out the schedule and buy your tickets online following the link beside.

Blue Star Ferries is also sailing from Rhodes to Nisyros twice per week but the schedule differs per season. Check out the schedule and buy your tickets online following the link beside.

Throughout the year, Blue Star Ferries sail twice a week from Pireaus (Athens harbor) to Kastelorizo and back, connecting different islands of the Dodecanese region and also stops at Nisyros. Check out the schedule following the link beside.

In Nisyros the boats always arrive in the main village of the island Mandraki. The distance between Mandraki and Pali is 4 km. To reach the apartments you can either take a taxi or the public bus, which usually runs twice daily, not always matching with the arrival of the boats though…

The timetables of the boats are constantly updated but they are showing boat schedules as they are at the moment. If you are booking your trip in advance and want to be sure about any change in boat connections according to the season please visit the websites of the companies provided on the right or contact us with any questions. It might seem a bit complicated but it is not impossible to reach Nisyros!


blue star ferries

dodekanisos seaways

Port Authority numbers:

Nisyros Port Authority: +30 2242 031222

Kos Port Authority: +30 2242 026594

Rhodes Port Authority: +30 2241 022220, +30 2241 028888

Pireaus (Athens) Port Authority: +30 210 4226000

Taxi numbers:

+30 6979 969810 (Irini)

Travel Shipping Agencies in Nisyros:

Diakomihalis Travel Shipping Agency
+30 6932006894, +30 6972947320, +30 6977735229, +30 2242031459 – Email: info@visitnisyros.gr

Kentris Shipping Agency – Travel Agent, Shipping Agent NISYROS

Tel.: +30 22420 31227, Fax: +30 22420 31227

Contact us!